Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required attire?

A tank top/sports bra and shorts are required for pole dancing to ensure proper skin to pole contact. No jewelry especially rings, bracelets, and/or watches. Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios is a barefoot studio, heels are not needed nor permitted. Avoid wearing skin oil or lotion containing oil; it will cause severe sliding on the pole.

Do I need any prior athletic experience, upper-body strength, or flexibility?

No prior experience necessary. All of our classes are open level and our Foxy Instructor will work with you based on your individual level. We will work together to increase both your strength and flexibility as you progress in class.

How do the pole classes run? Are there advanced classes?

All of our classes are progressive open-level classes. Everyone is working towards learning a full song routine that includes moves pertaining to their individual skill level. The Foxy Instructor covers pole choreography, pole free-styling, pole fitness and flexibility, and overall pole performance. Our training is most ideal for those looking to be committed to pole dancing for fitness, competition, and/or artistic expression.

How do I sign up in advance for class? Do you accept walk-ins?

Go to our scheduling site by clicking on the schedule/purchase tab. Here you can purchase a package and sign up for any class. Since our classes are small, allowing a maximum of six people per class, it is best to reserve in advance to secure your place. Walk-ins will be accepted if there is space available.

Can I show up late for class? If I’m signed up for class can I cancel?

We highly recommend showing up 10-15 minutes before class, especially if it is your first time. We do provide a 5 minute grace period if you occasionally arrive late. Any later and you will not be permitted in the class. You must cancel 24 hours in advance to reschedule your class. After 24 hours, you can pay a $15 rescheduling fee.

Is there a changing area?

Yes, there is a changing area and bathroom. No showers.

Can men attend classes?

Men are able to book a private lesson at a reduced rate. Please contact us for more details. Men cannot attend the group classes.

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