Class Description

Foxy Pro-Performance Competition Workshop

Workshop which allows intermediate/advanced students to build a custom routine for performance or competition. This 2 hour workshop focuses on proper technique, form, fluidity, and performance quality. Students will work on dance choreography, floor work, on/off the pole transitions, spinning pole, pole tricks & combos, and conditioning & flexibility. These workshops are held at our West New York, NJ location. Beginning May 2014, the Foxy Shuttle Service will provide free round-trip transportation from the NY studio to the NJ studio.


Explore the Art of Pole Dancing with a pole routine geared towards increasing your pole abilities. Our Foxy POLE class uses progressive pole routines that increase in skill and duration each time you come in. You will gradually build on your routines and run through them repeatedly. As the routines lengthen and moves become more difficult, you will begin to feel the workout aspect of poling while you develop the full routine. We take our time to focus on proper technique, form, terminology, and performance and competition etiquette.


Find Your Inner Foxy through this pole fitness training that uses pole drills and exercises to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility. Foxy FLEX serves as a great complimentary class to the pole and will get you shredded while building up your grip, limberness, pole stamina and ability. Also serves as a great low-impact cardio workout.


Free your mind, body, and pole with independent practice during an open pole session, without an instructor.



Ashley Fox, Owner of Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios has been a true pioneer in the Pole Community. Her accomplishments are remarkable. As a competitor she has won 1st Place at the 2015 Atlantic Pole Championships, and the 2014 Pole Expo, as well as Silver at the 2015 Pole Championship Series at the Arnold's Sport Festival, and Silver at the 2014 North East Aerial Arts Championships. Also, this year, she qualified as a finalist for PSO's National Pole Championships in LA, of which, she placed 2nd in the Artistic Pro Division. In 2014, she was chosen for the 2014 Mighty Grip and X-Pole People’s Choice Award. In 2012, she won 3rd Place at her 1st ever competition at the 2012 American Pole Fitness Championship. As Foxy Fitness and Pole's Owner, she has ran 2 successful pole studios in NYC & NJ for the past 4 years, and has brought almost 10,000 students through her studio doors. She currently employs and trains a group of 5 Foxy Instructors that have been with her for a year and more. As a producer, coach, & choreographer, she has put on 2 successful student showcases in NYC with turnouts of 200+, and currently has choreographed and put together the largest competition team in the country (24 competitors at 2015 APC), of which, 12 competitors placed top 3 in their respective divisions.


Yumiko Harris is a full-time Pole Instructor at Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios. Her background in gymnastics opened the world of dance to her. She studied ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and jazz technique. She also trained in Horton, Dunham, and West African at the Alvin Ailey school of Dance in New York. In 2009 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Yumiko hopes to inspire fitness and performance through her passion for pole dancing. Recently, she participated in her first competition in the Pole Sport Organization’s Regional Central Pole Championships in Chicago, and placed 4th in her division.

*Group training is by reservation only at least half-hour in advance. Women ONLY. Photo ID, shorts, crop top and/or sports bra are required. No Shoes or heels, barefoot only. Please arrive 10 minutes before class.